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About the Port of Bodø

The Port of Bodø is a municipal enterprise wholly owned by the Municipality of Bodø. The Port of Bodø manages and operates port areas within the municipal boundaries of Bodø on behalf of the Municipality of Bodø.

Our Vision

The Port of Bodø works purposefully to be an attractive port. This job is strengthened through a clear vision and common values.

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The Port of Bodø does not receive public funding and, as a self-financing entity, must work to secure a profitable and sustainable economy.

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The Port of Bodø is a small organization consisting of 14 employees. The Port of Bodø's highest authority is the Bodø City Council, followed by the Port Board.

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Environment and Missions

As a publicly owned port facility, the Port of Bodø shall be future-oriented and represent a standard that takes sustainable development seriously. Our ambition is to facilitate smart solutions and practices for our port and terminals and in so doing contribute to reducing the environmental challenges the world is facing.

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