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Our Vision and Strategy


Attractive port in the north


The Port of Bodø shall facilitate business and industry needs concerning maritime logistics and transportation of passengers and goods. We shall ensure good, sustainable and efficient management and sound business operations that provide a sound economy for the port and good framework conditions for the port’s clients.


The Port of Bodø shall be:

  • Socially responsible by contributing to making the Bodø region attractive and accessible
  • Competent by safeguarding and developing our role as a social actor and being skilled at port operations
  • Smart by being sustainable and future-oriented
  • Market-oriented by developing the Port of Bodø’s advantages and opportunities to create growth and value

As a publicly owned company, the Port of Bodø is expected to practice social responsibility in a way that benefits the welfare of society and the environment. The term competence summarises our expectations, as well as the expectations of the wider community, that the Port of Bodø shall possess knowledge about all aspects of port operations, including the use of port infrastructure, logistics, transport, shipping and economic activity related to the sea and port, etc. Furthermore, the Port of Bodø must work in a smart manner to achieve an efficient and sustainable port business. In this context, we have selected four UN Sustainable Development Goals that we perceive as relevant to our enterprise.

Read more about our work involving sustainability and environment

The company’s activities shall be based on the principle of self-financing and must be market-oriented within our core business.

Our values

  • Openness
    • We are obliging and accessible.
    • We are inclusive and honest.
    • We have transparent processes.
  • Competence
    • We make wise and competent choices.
    • We have professional competence in port operations acquired through experience, education, training and knowledge transfer.
  • Future-oriented
    • We are market oriented.
    • We are motivated to be part of the digital and technological development.
    • We want to have sound business operations.

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